Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nelson Tried to Convince the Magic that can be helpful Against Lakers

NBA Finals Betting Odds at Gambling Advisor blogIn an attempt to help his team with Orlando Magic crucial stop against the Los Angeles Lakers for the title of the NBA, Jameer Nelson organizing the base accelerates recovery after almost four months without playing for an operation on his shoulder.

Magic and the Lakers began a series best of seven games, whose first two stops will be on Thursday and Sunday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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Nelson was seriously hurt his right shoulder in a game against Dallas on February 2 last 17 days and later went through the surgery.

Since then underwent a rehabilitation program, and although doctors gave him high and now is training with the top team, may still be out of the way to the Magic need it, yet he inscribed players available for this series.

"I am a competitor. No matter what situation you are, I always think I can go out and do the best for the team, "said Nelson, who participated on Tuesday in his third practice with the team a stadium full.

The Magic broke a streak of 14 years of frustration to get a ticket to their first final since 1995 in the giant Shaquille O'Neal led them to the postseason for instance, where fell 4-0 sweep by Houston.

That is why we now seek all necessary assistance to able to give her other gigantón internal Dwight Howard, who need efficient feeders on the perimeter in order to shine to a strong brand that will apply the Lakers.

But one thing is for training, where his colleagues are trying to not hurt much, and when Nelson has to be measured about Lakers have proven to be ruthless in defending one of its key weapons to defeat in these playoffs to the contestants hard physical Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets.

Although the direction of the Magic for the possibility of bringing Nelson to the roster, there are several factors that play against him.

The principal is the opinion of the team's general manager Otis Smith and coach Stan Van Gundy.

"In my mind it is not. There is a small outside chance that it can play, "Smith confirmed on Tuesday in Los Angeles, where the Magic on Tuesday conducted a light workout.

Nelson was the leading scorer in Orlando two victories against the Lakers during the regular season.

"A miracle can happen. One does not play every day an NBA final, "said the player in the hope that given the nod.

His colleagues say that Nelson is in great shape, then to see him perform this Tuesday.

"He's in top form. Fortunately, you can play and help a lot, "said the French reservation Mickaël Piétrus.

"It's like when he left. In practice today (Tuesday) I was kicked twice, "said Rafer Alston owners.

Van Gundy was emphatic in stating that in his opinion, "four months is a long time to go back, take two practice and play in the NBA finals."

Despite his absence from the court, Nelson has not lost its leadership within the team and in these playoffs has been seen giving advice and encouraging their peers.

Howard says he wants the return of Nelson, but does not want his friend to risk your career long term.

"I just want to be healthy. You do not have to play if not feeling well. I'd rather see him healthy more than anything else, because their long-term career is more important. This is only a number, "noted Howard.

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