Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Representative wants No More State Pay to Play

State Representative David Levdansky is proposing, once again, a campaign finance law change that intends to eliminate the “pay to play” mentality of a state political race. He says he has been proposing such a law since the mid 1980s. Levdansky says there are only five remaining states, including Pennsylvania, which set no limits on campaign contributions from individuals, organizations and political action groups. He says it corrupts the system by owing a favor to a generous donor after swearing in office. Levdansky says he wants Pennsylvania office positions, such as governor, as well as local municipalities to mirror federal office. State Representative Dan Moul, a republican of Adams County, says he questions contributors that give large amounts, with some he’s never spoken to. He says they may be looking for a favor later rather than trying to support him. Levdansky says in 2006 political races, the State Senate spent $14 million, the State House spent $42.5 million and $42 million was spent in the Governor’s race between the primary and the general election.

The City of Pittsburgh put a cap on campaign contributions to unify with federal law last month.

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