Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obama Chooses Lakers

NBA Finals favoritesThe president of the United States, Barack Obama, bet on the Los Angeles Lakers as the winners in the NBA finals which begins today at the Orlando Magic.

"The Lakers in six games," Obama said antistatic to a question about his prognosis for the final.

Obama is considered an expert on basketball, which comes to practice every day, since before the end of the championship college betting rightly called as the North Carolina quintet monarch.

According to ESPN the magazine dedicated to the clash between Lakers and Magic, a total of 59 percent of Americans considered the favorite quintet's display to take the coveted championship ring.

One of them is President Obama. The other 41 percent were inclined to the Magic.

It is the end number 30 for the Lakers, followed by the second and the sixth since 2000.

"The season has been a trend to be here. From the outset we talk about winning the title as a goal, "said Kobe Bryant, who won three rings at the beginning of the decade.

Its technical, Phil Jackson, look for the tenth, a record.

For the Magic, however, is the second final in 14 seasons.

"Maybe we can convince others to believe in us," said Dwight Howard, Magic star to comment on the role of victim of Orlando.

"I am confident that we are the weakest, but I believe in victory and also my team mates have the same thought," he added.

Howard, who managed a personal record of 40 points in the decider to Cleveland, as "rude" before the final and be given by the fact that he was going to be a duel between the Lakers and Cavs Bryant James.

Franchise expansion in 1989, six years after the Magic reached the NBA finals, but at that time fell 4-0 to the noise by the Houston Rockets.

Magic and Lakers met twice during the regular campaign with victories on both occasions for Orlando: 106-103 and 109-103.

The series, to the best of seven shocks, beginning with two games at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, following the three will be made in the Amway Arena in Orlando.

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