Monday, December 14, 2009

Corbett Will Continue Prosecutions

Attorney General Tom Corbett says he’s disappointed former Democratic Representative Sean Ramaley was acquitted by a Dauphin County jury last week. Over the weekend Corbett told reporters the verdict won’t have “any effect” on his corruption investigation’s other cases. After deliberating for less than three hours, a jury acquitted Sean Ramaley on all six charges he faced. That wasn’t what Corbett expected from the first trial of a long-running probe into the misuse of tax dollars for political purposes. Corbett says he believes his legal team had the evidence to win the case, “We do not bring cases if we don’t think that there’s a conviction there. That wouldn’t be fair.” One of Corbett’s opponents in the Republican gubernatorial primary, State Representative Sam Rohrer, says the Ramaley verdict brings added pressure to next month’s trials. He says, “There can’t be too many more of these without, I think, bringing into question the investigation.” The other Republican in the race, Congressman Jim Gerlach, didn’t criticize Corbett for the verdict, saying the A-G’s office is, “responsible for moving forward with the cases they think are important.”

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