Friday, December 11, 2009

Ravenstahl Disappointed

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl issued a one page response to the PCHE decision to not agree to payments to the city to avoid a tuition tax. “For these institutions to reject contributing at an extremely reasonable and low level and thereby eliminating the Fair Share Tax is truly a disappointment. Many non-profits, including the university community, have failed to contribute meaningfully for years and have even refused to enter into reasonable discussions. I hope they reconsider and reevaluate their position." The statement from the mayor goes on to say, "If they truly want to protect their students, then they will accept this very reasonable proposal. But as it stands, their actions have left this administration with no choice but to pursue its only legally available option: the Fair Share Tax. I will continue to fight for the residents of our cityy, who will ultimately be the ones suffering if our non-profits do not pay their fair share.” City Council is expected to take a preliminary vote Wednesday and a final vote Tuesday Dec. 22.

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