Friday, December 11, 2009

Taking suggestions/vote on which CD we poll in

A couple things for Friday afternoon:

-We're taking your suggestions on where we should do our last state poll of the year, which we'll conduct next weekend and release the week of Christmas. Leave your suggestions in the comments- as usual we're looking to do things there isn't a lot of data out there on, or if there is a lot of data please suggest new angles that would make it worth adding our polls to the pile.

We'll pick a few of our favorite nominations and put it to a vote starting Monday.

-Second, I said we would do a poll in a Republican held Congressional district to see the extent to which all politicians are seeing their popularity drop right now as opposed to just Democrats.

Here are the choices:

MN-6: Michele Bachmann's propensity for generating controversy made this one of the closest House races in the country last year and there's no doubt her opponent next year will again have plenty of money. At the same time this district voted 53-45 for John McCain.

NE-2: Barack Obama won a surprising victory here last year and Lee Terry faces another tough challenge from State Senator Tom White. Plus Omaha is one of my favorite cities in the country, even if my heart gets broken every time I go there (because UNC doesn't win the College World Series.)

OH-12: Pat Tiberi got lucky last year...his district went 54-45 for Obama but Democrats didn't have a strong, well funded challenger to him. That shouldn't be the case again this year and it would also be interesting to look at how the Senate and Governor's races are playing out in his district.

We'll have voting open until 4 PM on Monday, have a great weekend!

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