Saturday, October 30, 2010

BK Prostejov vs USK Praha NBA Match

Today, 30 October 2010, the 6th stage of the first Czech basketball league, teams will meet and Prostejov USK Praha.

In this season, has four wins Prostejov (101-70 at home to Brno, from 1977 to 1971 with Decin, 98-71 and 88-65 with the Lok Svitavy. Plzen away) and one infragere (with Pardubice 85-87 home) while USK Praha has one victory (1987 to 1984 in Svitavy home) and four defeats (55-76 to 63-92 and the Pardubice home Decin, Decin and 79-108 to 71-82 on the road to Brno).

My forecast would be a handicap: USK Praha +35.5 points. In the last three seasons, the two teams have met 15 times in the Prostejov was imposed 12 times, and USK Praha won three parties: the 2007/2008 season, each team earned their parties on the ground own Prostejov with 88-65 (23 points difference) and 90-74 (16 point difference) and the 81-80 and 84-77 USK Praha, in the 2008/2009 season, won 89-77 Prostejov (12 points difference) and 80-69 (11 point difference), both at home, and 85-83 after extra time in travel, while USK Praha won 77-73 at home, in 2009/2010, the two teams have met seven times, four times in the regular season and three times in the playoffs, all seven victories coming back to them with those of Prostejov 74-57 (17 point difference), 75-50 (25 points difference), 95-55 (40 point difference) and 89-70 (19 point difference) at home, 89-55 (34 point difference), 94-62 (32 points difference) and 80-59 ( 31 points difference) away.

As can be seen in the last 15 meetings direct Prostejov defeated only once in a difference of more than 35.5 points, as is the limit imposed by bookmakers today

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