Thursday, October 28, 2010

Woodcock & Wilson MD selected as association chairman

Leading industrial fan manufacturer, Woodcock & Wilson Limited, is pleased to announce that Mark Jones, the company’s managing director, has been elected chairman of the UK’s Fan Manufacturers Association (FMA). Mark Jones brings over 30 years experience as an industrial fan manufacturer to the role.

The appointment is a change for the FMA, whose chairmen in recent times have all been from the commercial sector. Whilst the industrial and commercial sectors have their own different interests, there are many issues and topics that have a bearing on both.

Recently, energy efficiency has become the main focus for FMA members, in particular the new EU regulations on fan efficiency and the ISO standard on efficiency classification of fans.

Mark Jones commented, “I am honoured to have been elected as chairman of the FMA. These are interesting times for everyone in the industry but also challenging whatever the size and type of fan manufacturer. Given the fact that fans are essential to almost all industries, raising the profile of the FMA and the members will be a priority. I am also very much looking forward to progressing matters on the energy efficiency agenda, which will have an impact on all our members.”

Woodcock & Wilson specialise in high quality bespoke designed fans for an extensive range of applications, including heating and ventilation, air pollution control, petro-chemical, offshore and process engineering. Renowned internationally for their quality our fans are exported all over the world. Woodcock & Wilson is one of Britain's premier manufacturers of high quality industrial fans.

Woodcock & Wilson

Established in 1973, Woodcock & Wilson has evolved into one of Britain's premier manufacturers of high quality industrial fans. The company manufactures both centrifugal fan and axial fan designs.

Their centrifugal fan range includes; backward laminar, backward curved, flat backward, radial paddle blade, forward curved multi-vane, and radial blade high pressure blowers.
Their axial fan products include; direct driven axial, belt driven axial, spun bifurcated, and fabricated bifurcated fans.

Woodcock & Wilson also provide a comprehensive range of support services, not only for their products, but for any make of fan or blower. Their dedicated onsite maintenance and servicing team can inspect, service or repair any make of industrial fan. Their wide range of services includes: Onsite Servicing & Repair; Installation Inspection & Start-Up; Fan Refurbishment and Performance Testing.

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