Friday, October 29, 2010

Rendell is Getting Ready to go

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell finds out who his successor will be Tuesday but he says his administration is already working on a detailed transition plan. Rendell says every department has put together memos for the incoming, “Every department has prepared a transition memo for the governor-elect that will outline what’s been accomplished in the department, what the challenges are that still remain. Analysis of personnel and resources, and even recommendations of what personnel are dispensable, etc.” The governor says he’ll also write a long private briefing for Pennsylvania’s next chief executive. He says he’ll consult with either Dan Onorato or Tom Corbett on major decisions he needs to make between Election Day and Inauguration Day, “I don’t say that I will necessarily follow his opinion, but I will certainly listen to it. Particularly if those decisions have far-reaching effects. But understand that under the constitution, there still is only one governor until January 18th, and then there will be one governor after January 18th.” Rendell told reporters he didn’t want to comment on how helpful outgoing Governor Mark Schweiker had been when the Democrat was preparing to take office in 2002. In the final days before the election, Rendell says he’ll be busy campaigning for Democrats Dan Onorato and Joe Sestak in the Philadelphia area and Lehigh Valley.

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