Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Step off, Squawker Jon! I'm rooting for the Texas Rangers, not you!

I announced Saturday, in my own version of "The Decison," that I would root for the Texas Rangers in the World Series. Yes, I'm taking my talents to the Metroplex!

I'm doing this for three reasons: I lived for over a decade in Texas and want to see baseball become more popular in the state, I promised my native Texan nephew I would support his team, no matter who they faced in the AL, and I want to see the American League team win. So where does Squawker Jon get off thinking we can root for the same baseball team in the World Series? I'm not having it!

Jon needs to root for the San Francisco Giants. After all, the Mets wear orange in honor of the old New York Giants. Besides, Jon always takes the opposite side of whoever I'm rooting for. That's kind of the point of Subway Squawkers. This is a guy who dreams of riding in Oklahoma's Sooner Schooner, just because I'm a Texas Longhorns fan!

Yes, I know he's rooting for the Rangers because he thinks it will hurt the Yankees in their quest for Cliff Lee, but we just can't be in the same side with the World Series. It's as unnatural as the color in Brian Wilson's beard!

And Jon, don't tell me that your Rangers rooting has anything to do with Miracle Met Nolan Ryan. Because the closest Ryan got to being around somebody with a Mets connection, past or present, for the 35 years after he was traded for Jim Fregosi was when he knocked Robin Ventura to the ground!

Who should Squawker Jon root for? Tell us about it.

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