Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Council of State Numbers


Beth Wood (D) 46
Les(lie) Merritt (R) 34

Wood has shown a strong lead over Merritt three polls in a row now so I don't think this is a fluke. I find this so curious. Steve Troxler and Cherie Berry are doing fine in the polls so it's not a universal problem with Republicans. Why is an incumbent in a low profile race doing so poorly? If anyone can give me a non 'Democratic talking points' answer I'd really like to hear it. One problem for Merritt is that he's getting only 62% of the Republican vote- is there some reason people in his own party don't care for him?

Lieutenant Governor:

Walter Dalton (D) 40
Robert Pittenger (R) 36
Phillip Rhodes (L) 6

Dalton is still holding onto a small lead. As I've said before, if he can compete money wise with Pittenger spending from his personal fortune, he should be fine.


Bill Daughtridge (R) 41
Janet Cowell (D) 40

Daughtridge has shown a small lead three months in a row, and once again unusual support for a Republican from his 252 area code seems to be making a difference. He and Cherie Berry are the only Republicans leading there.

Attorney General:

Roy Cooper (D) 50
Bob Crumley (R) 35

Secretary of State:

Elaine Marshall (D) 46
Jack Sawyer (R) 36

Cooper and Marshall should be locks.

Agriculture Commissioner:

Steve Troxler (R) 44
Ronnie Ansley (D) 38

Labor Commissioner:

Cherie Berry (R) 42
Mary Fant Donnan (D) 38

Troxler and Berry start out with the lead, but will be vulnerable if there is a tidal wave of new straight ticket voting Democrats.

Insurance Commissioner:

John Odom (R) 37
Wayne Goodwin (D) 36
Mark McMains (L) 10


June Atkinson (D) 44
Richard Morgan (R) 37

Full results here.

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