Friday, November 27, 2009

Casey Wants Changes to Obama Health Care Overhaul

Pro-life Democrat Bob Casey says he wants to see changes to President Obama's health care overhaul, but he's confident the measure will pass the Senate by year's end.
Casey says Democrats don't have the votes they need to pass health care legislation yet, but argues the reform movement has gained momentum, and will clear the Senate in December.
Casey supports a push to make sure the proposed public option doesn't use public dollars to fund abortions.

"I think there's a consensus in the country not to have federal tax dollars pay for abortions and I think that's the intention of people in both parties here in Washington. But I don't think we're there yet in the current version of the bill."

Casey didn't say whether he'd support barring private plans offering abortion coverage from the public exchange, saying the proposal "complicates" things.
He says since there's no template for that type of initiative, it's difficult to tell whether the Hyde Amendment would apply.
Both Casey and Democrat Arlen Specter voted to begin debate on health care this past weekend.
Specter says health care may not pass this year--but he's confident it will pass the Senate.

"We're going to work at it, but it is more important that it is done right than it is done fast. We're dealing here with a big chunk of the economy. We're dealing with health care for America, and we're going to do it right. And if it takes a little longer we are going to take our time."

Specter says he thinks the final bill will include a public option.

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