Monday, November 30, 2009

Rendell Again Urges Lawmakers to Pass Table Games Bill

Governor Rendell says legislative leaders have all but agreed on a 16 percent tax on table games in Pennsylvania casinos. He’s urging the General Assembly to send a bill to his desk in the coming weeks. Rendell says the tax would include a share for counties and municipalities hosting casinos.
Spokesmen for House Democratic leaders say negotiations are “in the ballpark” of the sixteen percent rate, but that details might change as talks continue. Under one plan being discussed, municipalities would receive one percent of casino’s table games profits, and counties would also get a one percent levy.
Rendell says he’s talked to legislative leaders about whether or not the bill would increase the number of slot machines allowed at “resort casinos,” or whether the state would issue more category three licenses.

"I said if they wanted to expand, I would sign the bill. That’s not a deal breaker for me. That’s up to them, but they have to get this done. They have to get this done when they return on the seventh of December. They simply have to get this done."

However, a month ago the governor said he wanted the bill on his desk November 9th when the legislature returned from an election recess, and lawmakers ignored that date.

Rendell has refused to sign a bill authorizing funding to state-related universities until table games legislation passes. This year’s budget relies on 200 million dollars from the

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