Monday, November 30, 2009

Johnstown Artwork to Close for Winter

The Art Works in Johnstown center is temporarily closing on Dec. 1 to furnish the building green features and other much needed amenities. The Art Works center’s goals are to provide an affordable studio place for artists to create and sell art. Also, it strives to bring more culture to the Johnstown region.
Over the winter, Johnstown Art Works Director Theresa Gay Rohall says they will complete a $1 million construction phase to the 19th century building. Phase 3a will focus on interior needs. This includes preparing for and building a living roof, framing the shell of the second story, which will hold offices, a kitchen and a classroom. Also, plumbing and a bathroom will be installed during this phase. Rohall says they currently use running water and a bathroom at the neighboring building. The welcoming gallery and entrance will also be finished.
Rohall says the exterior was redesigned in a previous phase. She expects the Art Works to reopen in the spring, either in April or May. There will be one more phase after phase 3a is completed. She says they will seek a Gold LEED certification when construction is done. It will be the first building in Cambria County to have a living roof, and the first green building in the city of Johnstown.

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