Sunday, June 20, 2010

The big disappointments and suffering in the start of the World Cup Betting

World Cup BettingSpain choked with bitter Swiss chocolate. Brazil won with just enough against a team almost from the factory. Germany threatens to derail. For examples: the great suffering in this start of the 2010 World Cup Odds.

England left the court twice and both bored. They allow mediocre draws into question what brings Capello's team. But it is not the only candidates who looks lost.

Except Argentina, candidates to be crowned in the Soccer City began to stumble. Germany feasted against innocent Australia, competing in featherweight, and then went to the losing side when he threw a middleweight, Serbia.

Even when they win they are wrong. The triumphs of the Netherlands should be welcomed but generate more criticism for the lack of firepower orange team.

Combined the six major contenders for the crown (Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Spain and Holland), the balance is six victories in nine games. They tied one and lost two. Sounds ok. But on the court the balance is negative: they are the best in the world, not enough to win, they have to raise admiration. And so far heard tune.

If we add the host, the statistics are going down. When the giants no carbides and the host country lives shortages, the World Cup costs a lot of hot.

France is a special case: a computer is broken inside and out and is on its way to a cliff.

South Korea, Greece and Slovenia, among others, won some games, but people just found out. Fans ask the marker to write it down in the calendar of pocket. Nothing more. None of these choices will save the low-profile tournament, need to wake up the big ones.

Fatigue. Maybe the stars get tired after a fire season. Arjen Robben broke his back in the final of the Champions League with Bayern, ten days after he broke a muscle.

Lukas Podolski is staying her shirt large Germanic figure. Cristiano Ronaldo has to forget the bad years at Real Madrid and salvage the season with the Portuguese.

Only Argentina can go these days with their heads up, thanks to the oxygen of his four goals against South Korea. But beware, that in the World Cup betting just one stumbling block to go into the ravine. So he went to Germany: nobody talks about the beating to Australia, but the presentation loose against Serbia.

Brazil and Spain face their next commitments with many obligations. The measured Canarinha Ivory Coast today in order to secure your ticket and dispel the doubts. Beat North Korea 2-1 in the previous game was almost a moral defeat against players who earn a hundredth of the Brazilians.

Spain disappointed against Switzerland, if the matter falls back becomes tragedy. Les touches the easiest opponent in Group Theory, Honduras. If the Red Fury does not win, and it qualifies, will become the laughing stock of South Africa 2010.

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