Monday, June 21, 2010

Energy Co. Wants to Develop in Southwest Pa.

A new power plant slated for Westmoreland County is in the works.

Tenaska Energy of Nebraska is pursuing clearance to build a natural gas-powered facility that would provide electricity for about 900,000 homes along the East Coast.

Tenaska Project Manager Dan Culver says the construction process of the South Huntington Township plant will take about five years. He says the plant would create 300 construction jobs and 25 to 30 permanent positions.

Culver says the facility would be “clean, modern, and quiet.” He says Tenaska has a reputation as an environmentally responsible company.

“The Natural Resources Defense Council, in 2008 in their benchmark studies, listed Tenaska as having the best record for controlling emissions of carbon dioxide and as one of the top performing companies for controlling nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide.”

Though the complex would only take up a space of about 50 acres, Tenaska has bought 400 acres of land just south of I-70 near West Newton. Culver says that would create a buffer to keep the plant out of sight of its neighbors.

Culver says the natural gas capacity of the Marcellus Shale bodes well for the Westmoreland plant.

More information on the plant can be found here.

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