Friday, June 18, 2010

PA’s Tax Amnesty Window Closes at Midnight.

Governor Ed Rendell says the state has already brought in nearly all of its 190 million dollar goal.
Delinquent taxpayers have until midnight to settle debts with no penalty and half the interest.
After that, the state will impose stiffer fines, and step up efforts to collect fees.
A series of edgy television commercials has made that threat over the past month.
Governor Rendell defends the $3 million cost of the ad campaign and its aggressive tone....

"I like them because they work. You know – we’ve been on almost every national news program, and it’s drawn a lot of attention to them. It’s a little like the swift boat ads. What did they put, 200 thousand dollars on tv and they got hundreds of millions of dollars of coverage?"

Rendell says through Thursday morning, the Revenue Department had collected 180 million dollars, and that more applications were coming in around the clock.
This year’s budget banks on 190 million dollars from the tax amnesty program.
Any revenue beyond that would put a dent in the state’s 1.2 billion dollar deficit.

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