Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Johnson favored in runoff

Harold Johnson has picked up the support of most of the voters who chose one of the also rans in the 8th District Republican primary for Congress, and as a result he's now opened up a 49-39 lead over Tim D'Annunzio with a week to go until the runoff election.

Among people who reported voting for Hal Jordan or Lou Huddleston last month Johnson holds a 60-28 advantage. Johnson is also holding onto 93% of the voters who chose him in the primary while just 80% of D'Annunzio's original supporters are still with him.

Whoever wins the nomination will have a lot of work to do to bring the party back together. Johnson and D'Annunzio's supporters each take a very dim view of the other candidate. Among D'Annunzio voters 63% have an unfavorable opinion of Johnson to only 12% who view him positively. Among Johnson voters 78% see D'Annunzio in a negative light to only 5% with a positive opinion of him. This mutual enmity is a far cry from, for instance, the Democratic contest for US Senate where most Elaine Marshall voters still view Cal Cunningham favorably and vice versa.

Larry Kissell is having to deal with a divided party in his quest for reelection but his path will be made easier if the Republicans end up being just as divided. Barring a big shift in the final week that GOP opponent trying to reunite his party will be Harold Johnson.

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