Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Severance Tax Plan Back to Committee

One of the top proponents of a natural gas tax says the measure’s fate will be decided within the next few weeks.
The House’s tax bill includes an eight percent levy on natural gas drilling.
Delaware County Democrat Greg Vitali has been fighting for the tax since last year.
He’s also a prime sponsor of the bill imposing a three-year moratorium on leasing out state forest land for drilling.
Vitali argues the Republican-controlled Senate won’t pass either measure unless House Democratic leaders use them as leverage in upcoming budget negotiations.

"It has to be done, and if our leadership tells us, well we’re just going to kick this down the road for another month, we know that’s the equivalent of saying it’s not going to get done."

Vitali and other supports of a moratorium and severance tax say the recent Clearfield County spill shows the potential dangers of Marcellus Shale drilling.
They want a significant portion of tax revenue to go to environmental protection efforts, rather than the state’s general fund.
After 2 hours of debate in the House yesterday, the measure was send back to the Appropriations Committee. Governor Rendell indicated he didn't want a vote on the measure until the House and Senate leaders "are on the same page."

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