Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Met and Yankee jerseys you can't get

It looks like the Yankees have retired Joe Torre's number 6 - at least when it comes to selling it to the fans. Squawker Lisa, I also checked out the site you wrote about, where you can get personalized Yankee jerseys and Torre 6 gives the following message:

Some entries are prohibited due to guidelines for past and present player names.

Sure, Torre is no longer on the Yankees and is now affiliated with another team, but so is Bobby Abreu, whose Yankee 53 continues to be part of the pulldown menu. Same with Darrell Rasner, who is now pitching with Japan. And Mike Mussina, who has retired.

But no Torre and, goodness gracious, no Roger Clemens 22 either.

And if you want a Sheffield 11 or Giambi 25, you'll have to look on eBay. Barry Bonds never played for the Yankees, but you can't get a Bonds 25 either.

These names do seem to be available as long as you pick a different number. So Met fans can still get a jersey that says Ramirez as long as they don't pick 24.

But the Mets' personalized jersey site does let you pick Hudson 1, for those of us who would have liked to have seen Orlando Hudson in a Met uniform. Alas, we'll have three more years of being able to buy Castillo 1.

As Squawker Lisa pointed out, you can't get a Met or Yankee jersey that says STEROIDS or STEROID.

However, both sites allow the following names:


Both the Mets and Yankees don't seem to have a problem with ex-New York players in other sports, no matter how they left the team. If you are so inclined, you can get a FAVRE 4 or MARBURY 3 on either site.

The Yankee site doesn't ban all controversial former players and managers. You can still get WELLS 33.

And the Mets site allows one name that probably should be banned. Yes, it will be possible to show up at Citi Field wearing a jersey that says MADOFF.

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