Thursday, February 26, 2009

More on Rush's Gender Gap

Well apparently our poll gave Rush Limbaugh a couple days of material for his show. On Tuesday he announced he was going to have a female listener summit to figure out how to address the gender gap we found in his poll numbers, and then yesterday he actually held the summit. You can read that transcript here.

Someone asked me yesterday if it was possible the gender gap was simply a product of it being more likely that women are Democrats and men are Republicans, so I ran the numbers this morning by gender and party and here's what we got:



Gender Gap


14/73 (-59)

22/73 (-51)



75/10 (+65)

84/13 (+71)



30/56 (-26)

55/32 (+23)


So there is a gender gap within both the Democratic and Republican respondents to the poll, but the really huge one is among independents.

The Republican ladies love you Rush, and I don't think you have much chance with the Democratic ones. But you really need to appeal to those moderate women if you want to get that approval up over 50%.

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