Friday, February 27, 2009

Transit Riders May Get Tax Credit

Pennsylvania State Senator Wayne Fontana of Brookline has proposed legislation that would provide a tax credit for mass transit users. He says the details of the legislation are still to be determined but he wants to offer a $100 dollar tax credit on the state income tax form. He says the details will be worked out in committee and then brought to the full senate. State Rep. Nick Kotik of Coraopolis will serve as the sponsor for legislation in the lower chamber. Among the details to be worked out would be how riders would prove the expenses and how much an individual would have to spend to get the credit. Fontana says even the amount of the credit is open to debate. He says he thinks there will be more support from both sides of the aisle by making this a tax credit rather than some sort of subsidy to the transit agencies or the riders. Fontana says if the rest of the legislature gets excited about the idea and moves quickly there may even be a credit on the 2009 tax form. He says just incase, regular riders may want to start saving receipts. Fontana says this could put 30 million dollars into PAT riders pockets alone.

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