Friday, February 27, 2009

Poll shows PA Residents Like Government Spending

Pennsylvania residents are putting a lot of faith in government efforts to turn around the economy. A new poll from Franklin and Marshall College finds this may not be a good time to be a small government conservative. A majority of Pennsylvania residents say the economy is bad, but are hopeful things will start turning around within the next year, and they think government will play a part in that change. Poll director Terry Madonna says more than 70 percent of respondents want to see government spending on health care increase, if it means more people are covered. He says, “I don't think the average resident in Pennsylvania is looking so much now for cutting programs or laying off employees, as they are toward expanding some government services given the nature of the recession.” Madonna says 64 percent of respondents "strongly favor" increasing government spending meant to boost business in Pennsylvania. A majority favor raising cigarette taxes, though Rendell's proposals to tax Marcellus Shale extractions and allow counties to impose a one percent sales tax generated low approval levels.

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