Monday, March 23, 2009

Come see Tillsonburg Outlaw Karter Amber Meyer's

From Dave Chesterman of Chesterman Power Products, Tillsonburg Indoor MX and Tillsonburg Outlaw Karts

Can you believe March is almost shot?  Warm weather has me thinking of Outlaw Kart racing for sure.

Amber Meyer and her support crew must be thinking the same thing as they are hauling their Outlaw Kart to the Tillsonburg Town Center Mall (located at Broadway St. & Bridge St. E. & Lisgar Ave. in Tillsonburg, ON) for a week-long display. If you get a chance, stop in and have a look.

There might be Jasen's BIG kart there to keep it company, too. Rumour has it that Amber grew out of her race suit; hopefully the basketball coach doesn't see her.

For those who can't make it to see the display, see above for a shot of Amber Meyer and her ride at the last race of last year.

Kart practice day is Saturday, May 2 at Tillsonburg Indoor MX.

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