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Movies... For Free! Reefer Madness (1936)

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Reefer Madness, a.k.a Tell Your Children (1936)

Directed by Louis Gasnier.
Starring Dorothy Short, Lillian Miles, Dave O'Brien and Thelma White.

Originally intended as a cautionary anti-marijuana morality tale and financed by a church group under the title Tell Your Children, the movie was acquired by exploitation film-maker Dwain Esper who was looking to capitalise on the hysteria surrounding cannabis use in the U.S. at the time (see 1937 Marihuana Tax Act).

Reefer Madness begins at a P.T.A meeting, where parents are being lectured on the dangers of cannabis use, and the tragic events that occured when a group of high-school students were lured into the murky world of "reefer" cigarettes. The narrative then switches to the students whose addictions ultimately lead to chaos, committing hit-and-run, rape, manslaughter and suicide as they all lose control.

Although the movie did not find an audience upon release it re-emerged in the 1970's, gaining popularity among cannabis-users and college students who viewed the film as a comedy with it's cheap production values and exaggerated acting and plot-lines. Having achieved cult-status, there is much for contemporary audiences to enjoy in Reefer Madness.

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