Monday, March 23, 2009

Rendell Outlines Green Stimulus Plans

The federal stimulus package is sending $360 million to Pennsylvania for alternative energy projects and the Rendell Administration is making plans on how it will dole out the money. The federal funding will go toward a wide variety of projects, including grants for small businesses and homeowners to purchase and install solar panels. Grants will also be handed out to help Pennsylvania residents improve energy efficiency in their homes and workplaces. Acting Department of Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger says additional stimulus money will go toward larger-scale alternative energy projects like wind farms and methane conversion plants. He says, “All of those projects create real energy, real electricity, real jobs. Increase supply of electricity, help keep our prices moderate, and do all of that with very little pollution.” Hanger says the state will direct money toward established operations with proven track records, so that funds aren't wasted. The Rendell Administration has set up a website, with information on all stimulus projects. Republicans are expected to outline their stimulus priorities later today.

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