Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Raúl the Eternal Debate about his Eventual Return to the Selection

Raul and selection. Is the eternal debate in Spain, but regained new life after a good time of the captain of Real Madrid and the vacancy that would be the probable exclusion of Dani Güiza to play crucial games against Turkey.

If anything defines the career of Raul is perseverance, the struggle against time and against its own erosion. Buried when it seemed the debate on his return to the selection, now the rumors about new possibilities.

The ball is on the roof of Vicente del Bosque, the Spanish coach, who on Friday will be under the spotlight with all its expected call to Turkey to play two games of reaching the World Cup in South Africa 2010.

And, specifically, the first of these duels, the March 28, will host the Santiago Bernabéu, Real Madrid of the coliseum, home of Raul.

The Real Madrid striker profile today offered more cautious and gentlemanly to analyze all the rumors that are flooding the sports pages of newspapers in Spain.

"I played good in recent years, but people who are doing it is doing very well," he said.

It was a very elegant, utmost respect. Although also made a point of challenge to andalusia Del Bosque added: "If you call me, love it. Go to the selection is a great privilege, but I'm not going to lose sleep. Here is my performance and it has to value is a person who decides. "

Football is always attentive to the dualities, and Raul is the high point of the discussions addressed. According to a survey today by the daily "Marca" at its website, 58 percent of the participants spoke out against the return of Raul, while 42 percent supported his return.

Del Bosque keeps unchanged its latest roster of forwards with the inclusion of David Villa, Fernando Torres, Fernando Llorente and Güiza. But the latter is going through a time of very low and is assured that the coach will call another striker.

In these circumstances there are three names: Raúl Alvaro Negredo and Joseba Llorente. And the latter two, Negredo has the highest settings, it is undisputed holder in Almeria, while Llorente has not secured a post at Villarreal.

Curious: Raúl is playing that hypothetical fourth square front with Negredo, who had to leave Real Madrid at the lack of opportunities to play minutes.

Negredo 16 carries both the modest and Almería Del Bosque never hid his coaches followed closely in his footsteps. Likes.

Meanwhile, Raul accumulated 14 goals and is second top scorer of Real Madrid, after the Argentine Gonzalo Higuaín, who has a bit more.

Raúl disappeared from selection for two and a half years after it went beyond an alleged bad relationship with Luis Aragones, the former coach and several of his companions. After Spain won the European Championship without the captain of Real Madrid. The arrival Del Bosque also led to his return. Nothing is forever?

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