Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bettis "Returns" to Pittsburgh, in Every Sense of the Word

The Bus stopped at Duquesne University this afternoon--Jerome Bettis congratulated 38 students from the Pittsburgh Rooney Accelerated Learning Academy on the North Side, who were awarded free computers by his Bus Stops Here Foundation for completing an 8-week computer camp at Duquesne's Learning Skills Center. Last year's campers were from Weil Accelerated Learning Academy in the Hill District.

The students learned by tearing down and re-assembling a computer with guidance from Duquesne tutors on Saturday mornings. Each one also prepared a Power Point presentation.

Gloria Bettis is Jerome's aunt and the Executive Director of his foundation. She says the Foundation wanted the program to help kids become literate and technology- savvy, like children all around the world.

The Bus signed autographs and posed for pictures with each child. He admitted he's torn when the Detroit Red Wings play Pittsburgh for the Stanley Cup, as he thinks will happen again. This year, he wants everyone in Pittsburgh to know he's rooting for the Penguins.

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