Friday, May 29, 2009

Uptown Residents Envision the Future

An event tomorrow aims to get more people to think about Uptown as a destination rather than a place to drive through. Pop Up Pittsburgh! will include musical performances, public art and a barbecue competition. Artist James Simon will unveil his newest sculptures, two big dogs made out of concrete (see photos).

The block party comes just as a neighborhood group wraps up work on its first-ever visioning plan. As development from downtown and Oakland squeezes in, the group Uptown Partners has led discussions on what residents want their neighborhood to look like.

Of course, according to the city of Pittsburgh's map, Uptown is technically not a neighborhood--it's the "Bluff." That's not the only designation that may surprise you. Do you really live and work where you think you do?

Listen to Katherine Fink's full story on Uptown here.

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