Friday, May 29, 2009

Chelsea Offers 50 Million Euros for Ribery

Soccer Betting Odds & News at BSNblogChelsea offered 50 million euros to Bayern Munich for the Bavarian team's French midfielder Franck Ribéry, as published by the British press on Thursday, while the German club denies the information.

Since the Munich institution, the team's spokesman, Markus Hörwick said that the news about Chelsea's offer is "one more big lie" of linking the player with Gallic eventual signing of a 'big' clubs in Europe.

"Again, we want to renew and Ribéry not sell," he Hörwick.

For its part, the English newspaper The Independent argues that the executive director of Chelsea, it was prepared to finance the signing of star NAFEC, and with 26 years of contract with Bayern until 2011.

The question of the salary of the player is yet to be resolved, says the rotary because Ribéry claimed 144,000 euros per week while Chelsea offers 103,000.

If the signing takes place, Chelsea completed one of the most expensive in the recruitment of world football, although it would be lower than in 2001 by Real Madrid when he signed the French midfielder Zinedine Zidane, worth 52.7 million euros.

Bayern Munich has not ceased to repeat in recent weeks that its star player is unmarketable despite Real Madrid, Milan, Manchester United or the new champion of Europe, Barcelona, aim chips.

Ribéry, who came in summer 2007 at Bayern, where he has become one of the most attractive players in the Bundesliga, recently declared that the AFP has not taken any Decision on its future.

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