Friday, May 29, 2009

On Yankee bonding, hating Monty Python, and offensive t-shirts

A few notes on a Friday afternoon:

* I saw pictures online of some of the Yankee players at Thursday's Cleveland Cavaliers game. Our friends at Big League Stew featured pix of Alex Rodriguez (hobnobbing with Jay-Z), Joba Chamberlain, CC Sabathia and Mariano Rivera. also has shots from last night's game, including Robinson Cano also yakking it up with Jay-Z. Incidentally, the rapper now has hair!

Nick Swisher, who was also at last night's game, Twittered about it, saying: "Wow. The Cavs had it going last night. What an atmosphere. Really had a great time. Now its business. Let's go get all 4."

It sounds like a big contingent of the Yanks were at the game, thanks to CC Sabathia getting the tickets - as I wrote earlier, Brett Tomko, Brett Gardner, and Brian Bruney were also there. No Jeter, though.

I think this type of event is a great team-bonding thing, as opposed to how previous Yankee teams over the past few years didn't hang out together much. It really is a different team this year!

* Squawker Jon, why did you have to make a Monty Python reference in today's Squawk? You know how much I hate Monty Python! Quickest way to get me to tune out of a conversation is to make a Monty Python reference. Not a fan.

* I heard about this story from a reader of A Texas woman is griping because the Texas Rangers wouldn't allow her to wear a "Yankees Suck" shirt to the game. Kristen-Knapp Webb, a Rangers fanatic, said a Ranger security guard told her the shirt, a 19th anniversary gift from her husband, violated their code of conduct. She was given the option of turning the shirt inside out, changing shirts, or not being admitted into the stadium. She put the shirt inside out, but left before the game in an apparent snit.

I don't think the woman has any reason to gripe, and I would feel the same way if it were a Boston Sucks t-shirt. Much like the Yankees and Red Sox both ban such shirts in their ballpark, the Rangers do as well. I think it's a good idea.

Besides, this woman should be ashamed to be in her 40s and wearing a shirt that is more suitable for a snotty teenager. She's like school in summer - no class!

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