Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Learning Curve Continues for TwoFast Racing in Trois-Rivières

Courtesy TwoFast Racing

Montreal, August 17 2005 - The TwoFast Racing team made their first appearance at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières last weekend. La Coupe du Maire, which is the fourth event of the Quebec Touring Hankook Championship, took place on Sunday morning, August 7th, 2005.

After qualifying 17th on Saturday, Christian Raymond, co-owner and driver at TwoFast Racing, could not compete in Sunday’s race due to engine problems. But the team stayed optimistic since they are taming the car a little more at every event. “This car previously raced in Speed World Challenge, and we still have a lot of adjustments to make to bring it back to its previous level of performance,” commented Raymond. “It requires a lot of patience, but it’s all worth it.”

The Trois-Rivières circuit is famous for its difficulty, its fast curves, and its narrowness. “I was nervous before each session on track because there were a lot of cars and we drive so close to the walls. This was my first time on this track and I was very impressed by its configuration. The track is very tough physically, and we do not really have time for a breather between the curves.”

The driver admitted to being very disappointed at not having had more track time. “I’m looking forward to the next race and hopefully I will be able to max out my track time.” concluded Christian. He wishes to thank the people from Mazda Canada who were present, and is very proud of being involved in their Marketing Strategy. Many thanks also to the Trac Racing team for their hard work, and to the enthusiastic crowd.

Éric LeBlanc, the other co-owner of TwoFast Racing, offered his perspective on the situation: “The World Challenge series is very competitive and the front running teams’ budgets, particularly those supported by automotive constructors, are huge compared to what we have to work with. That allows them to set-up very high performance, but fragile, engines. What we must do is find the proper adjustments to make our cars both competitive and reliable.”

TwoFast Racing wishes to thank their partners: Rythme Urbain, Rack ‘N’ Roll, InMotion Promotion, Motul, Teklub, Lettrage Provan, Nuance Peintre Décorateur, Carrosserie Michel Gauthier, Image Folie, TwoFast Performance, Mazdaspeed,

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