Thursday, August 18, 2005


Courtesy SOS Online

The last race of the season for the Southern Ontario Sprints will be the SOS Championship Invitational which is scheduled for Friday, September 16th (day before the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals) at Ohsweken Speedway. In order to be eligible to compete in this event a drive must have competed in an SOS event at 3 of the 4 tracks this season. The following drivers have already met the criteria and are eligible to compete:

Adam West
Glenn Styres
Dick Mahoney
Jim Porter
Bob Crawford
Warren Mahoney
Craig Downie
John Watson
Gary Evans
Daryl Turford
Charlie McCann
Brian Lee
Mark Schulz
Fred Cade
Jamie Collard
John Riegling
Willy Northcott
Jeff Daniels
Les MacMillan
Brad Knab
Tom Huppunen
Curt Sherwood
Chris Pyle
Ken Swan

The following drivers have competed in SOS events at 2 tracks and would be eligible for the Championship Invitational event if they run at Brighton on September 3rd or the 4th.

Jeremy Barnard
Dave Schulz
Kyle Patrick
Garry Evans
Andrew Reaume
Stephanie Christiano

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