Thursday, August 18, 2005

PRODUCT: Production Starts with Top-of-the-Line 26-Inch Scorpion Zero

Anthony Paulozza, Marcovitch PR

Less than three years ago, production began at Pirelli’s first Modular Integrated Robotized System (MIRS) fully automated tire production facility in North America located in Rome, Georgia. Now, Pirelli has announced that production had commenced with its fourth module, bringing capacity to over 350,000 tires per year at its Rome facility.

Although flexible enough to produce both passenger car and SUV tires, the new line will be dedicated principally to Scorpion Zero, a testament to Pirelli’s rapidly growing business in performance SUV tires both in the North America and elsewhere. The first production from the new line is the 315/40R26 Scorpion Zero that was introduced at the 2004 SEMA Show in Las Vegas but previously produced only in Germany.

With a load rating of 120V and Pirelli’s exclusive “Double Z” tread design, it provides maximum dry traction along with total wet traction capabilities. This new tire is the unique answer to performance tuners working specifically with the Hummer H2 who want to make the ultimate wheel and tire conversion while retaining the legal integrity of the vehicle.

Pirelli has paid particular attention to the specification of this tire, respecting the company’s policy to always build tires that conform to the legal and safety requirements of the vehicle to which the tire is fitted. The application of large diameter tires to extra-large SUVs is a significant challenge, particularly with respect to the load-carrying capacity of the tire. Pirelli’s MIRS production system is ideally placed to meet that challenge owing to the unique tire building process employed.

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