Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Montreal ChampCar event a head-scratcher

Interesting article on SpeedTV by David Phillips.

"Conspiracy theories abounded, ranging from Legault wanting to kill the Champ Car race in order to pave the way for a NASCAR Busch Series (possibly paired with an IRL IndyCar Series) race, to Legault, co-promoter of the Canadian Grand Prix with Bernie Ecclestone and IRL founder/president and Indianapolis Motor Speedway president Tony George forming a cabal to "put a wheel under" Champ Car just as the Champ Car World Series is beginning to generate some serious momentum on the heels of successful events in Toronto, Edmonton, San Jose and Denver...."

It backed up similar comments I heard from our own Russ Bond, who was at the event and couldn't believe what he was (wasn't!) seeing. Beach volleyball courts where grandstands used to be.

Speculation was that the Montreal ChampCar race was being scuttled to clear the way for a NASCAR event. Who knows if that's really the case, but after reading Phillips' commentary, it's hard not to scratch your head.

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