Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lucas Oil WWS Introduces Newest Member at the EX

Toronto, ON – The Lucas Oil Weekend Warrior Series introduced their newest member live on the air with the New Country 95.3 from their booth at the Canadian National Exhibition on Sunday afternoon. Varney Motor Speedway will join the Lucas WWS grassroots stock car racing league in 2006, taking the number of participating Ontario speedways to 8 in under a year.

Ken McClelland, owner of the Mount Forest based raceway, was very excited to have the opportunity to have his speedway and drivers included in the fastest growing, hottest motorsport property in Canada. Said McClelland, 'Being a part of this great grassroots racing movement legitimizes our program, and brings us to the table with the other tracks to continue to strengthen Ontario Late Model racing.'

Varney Speedway now joins Flamboro, Delaware, Barrie, Kawartha, Peterborough, Sunset and Mosport Speedways to create the 2006 league of Ontario grassroots stock car racing facilities. Said series administrator Gerry Paxton, "We, as the WWS, are very proud of the accomplishments that our group has made already this season in bringing the Late Model rulebooks closer together, and the addition of Varney Speedway to the fold really strengthens our resolve that we are on the right track."

The Weekend Warrior Series also announced another part of their 2006 expansion. 'We will continue our two conference format, with the top 20 in each of the two conferences qualifying for the Lucas Oil awards fund, but the organization and administration of the two conferences will be slightly different from the inaugural year.'

The WWS has announced that next season there will be an Eastern Conference consisting of Lucas Oil Flamboro Speedway, Kawartha Speedway, Mosport Speedway, and Barrie Speedway, and a Western Conference consisting of Delaware Speedway, Sunset Speedway, Peterborough Speedway, and Varney Motor Speedway.

The reason for the conference shuffle was to further encourage the integration of the Late Model rules packages. In 2006 the Lucas Oil WWS will not recognize a difference between the 2005 named Limited Late Models and the other Late Model divisions. WWS promoters and technical directors are working together to create a program that will allow the drivers to compete at any of the WWS speedways with as little adjustment to their cars as possible.

"It has been discussed at the table, at great length, and the consensus is that each facility has its own asphalt personality. A universal rulebook at this time would be incredibly difficult, however, with the shared information between WWS promoters we hope to publish a product that will explain the changes a driver has to make to race from one track to another."

To use current drivers as an example, Pete Vanderwyst, running as a Delaware Late Model who next year would be a Western Conference driver, could continue to race Flamboro and Kawartha (Eastern conference tracks) to earn points that would benefit his Western Conference standing. In this same example Vanderwyst could visit any of the other WWS speedways, Eastern or Western, to compete for points so long as he made the necessary adjustments to his car (ex. Weight, Tires) to meet that tracks tech demands.

Each driver will continue to register to his/her hometrack, and that registration will determine in what conference that driver will compete for the Lucas Oil WWS awards - regardless of what tracks they choose to visit in addition to their hometrack schedule; ie. No driver will be registered in two conferences.

The WWS administration and promoters will convene later this week as the group looks at the 'Chase for the Lucas Cup' and the 2006 grassroots stock car racing season.

Be sure to get down to the Canadian National Exhibition this summer, and find the Country 95.3 - Lucas Oil WWS booth located just outside the 'A' doors of the National Trade Center. Brantford's Shane Gowan has put his #10 Checkered Flag Collectables - Angels Diner Late Model on display with the WWS to help promote grassroots stock car racing at 'the Ex'.

And remember, you can keep up to speed on the inaugural Chase for the Lucas Cup by listening for the Lucas Oil WWS Racing Minute every Friday morning and afternoon on the New Country 95.3 fm.

The Lucas Oil Weekend Warrior Series, the BEST in grassroots stock car racing, see you there!

For further information please contact:

WWS Administration, Paxton Motorsports Marketing

Gerry Paxton (519) 591-0400 or (519) 442-6849

Josh Paxton (905) 317-4567 or (905) 902-4567

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