Monday, September 19, 2005

Alain Bergeron finished 22nd in the 'Canadian Sprint Car Nationals '...

Yesterday evening (Saturday) the ' Canadian Sprint Car Nationals ' took place at Ohsweken Speedway Niagara Falls, Ontario region. No less than 71 Sprint Car were present trying to qualify for one of the 25 positions available for the A-Main. Just to qualify for the race itself was already a good performance.

To start the program, Alain Bergeron had to participate in the' Village Pizza Ohsweken Shootout ' race. Bergeron had qualified for this race with his second place finish last June at Ohsweken. While he was in third position, a yellow flag came out and, during the restart of the race, there was confusion and Bergeron lost positions, finishinh in seventh place as the chequered flag waved.

Then came the time trials to determine the starting positions of the heats. Like last week at Black Rock Speedway, the Saint Pie driver did well by recording the 13th time on 7 Sprints. This time gave him the third place on the starting grid of his heat. First start, the car in front of him does not take off and Alain Bergeron remains stuck behind. The officials showed the yellow flag to restart race. For that second start, Bergeron did not intend to let same situation happening and he gets ready by bewaring an angle with the front car to be able to have some little space for the start. Effectively, the start was a success and at the end, Bergeron toke away the win but the officials judged that Bergeron must had 'jumped' a position, back him 'officially' of two positions.

Anyway, Alain Bergeron was qualified for the A-Main, with a 15th place on the starting grid. Early on the race, Bergeron meets himself in twelfth position, but a problem with a anchor of the top wing affected the car handle and than another problem with the poles of the nose wing forced him to get back in the pits. His evening was done recording a 22nd place at the finish.

'I have to admit that it was not a bad weekend for us, if we take into account that with more than 71 cars and very good drivers in the field, just to qualify itself was super.' To comment Bergeron.

Alain Bergeron was one of the six representatives of the ESS series to qualify for the A-Main.

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