Monday, September 12, 2005

Karting - Cup of Montreal: David Martin-Janiak makes steady progress

Courtesy David Martin-Janiak

Montreal, Quebec, September 12, 2005, – Young driver David Martin-Janiak of Montreal, Quebec has started in karting this season. Despite his lack of experience, the rookie has again made an impression in Round 6 of the Cup of Montreal event held at Mont St. Hilaire this past weekend. Despite the fact that he did not score points, Martin-Janiak caused some surprises.

His day of work began on a strong note when he claimed the seventh fastest time in the qualifying session, just three tenths of a second behind the pole position holder. On the starting grid, Martin-Janiak preceded several very experienced drivers who competed in the Rotax Max World Finals, drivers such as the Ouellette brothers, David Cunningham and Luc Sauriol. Such a stunning performance clearly confirms that the rookie driver is making swift progress.

“I’m not just looking for speed and performance. I’m rather looking for making progress, » said Martin after the qualifying heat. “There are lots of things for me to learn and I prefer to take things just one step at the time. Sometimes, I obviously want to push my kart to the ultimate limits. I know I must be patient and I look forward to climbing on the podium for the first time.”

Martin-Janiak was too cautious at the start of the pre-final. He started the race in seventh place and arrived home in ninth position. “I was too careful in the first corner. I played it too safe,” said the disappointed driver.

David was more aggressive in the final, passing competitors to climb into sixth place. A few laps later however, he could not avoid hitting the competitor who was in front of him when he braked too early for a corner. Martin’s kart was then hit by another competitor and spun. Despite the spin and a water leak from the radiator, Martin-Janiak managed to cross the line in 15th place.

“The final race was hard fought,” he said. “After the incident, my goal was to finish the race at the best place possible. It’s evident I should have focused better not to be beaten by my emotions.”

David Martin-Janiak has the speed, the talent and the determination to become a successful kart racer. He is making steady progress at every race, whatever the difficulties thrown at him.

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