Sunday, September 11, 2005

TSN: Legault trying to boot ChampCar... for a NASCAR / IRL race in '06

TSN has a story that starts to answer some of the questions that were raised during last month's ChampCar race in Montreal.

Many in attendance felt that there was an intentional effort to scuttle the event.

The TSN report says that event promoter Normand Legault is trying to get out of his last year (2006) of his contract with ChampCar, because he has a deal in place to put on a NASCAR (Truck / Busch) / IRL event in that slot next year.

The report also says that Legault "reportedly told IRL officials that Champ Car may have breached its contract."

Legault has been courting NASCAR for some time for an event at the Montreal road course. He only has the track for two events a year, and the F1 event isn't going anywhere, hence the need to boot ChampCar.

If (when) the sale of CASCAR to NASCAR takes place in the next month (or so), it's a safe bet you'll see the CASCAR Super Series on the card if Legault's plan falls into place.

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