Monday, September 19, 2005


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September 19, 2005. The #42 LE Walker Transport Chevrolet team had worked hard for the week leading up to the final CASCAR Super Series race at Kawartha Speedway looking to finish their season on a high after so many frustrations. Sunday afternoon’s race went well until things got a little too hot.

During practice Sean Stafford began to get comfortable in the LE Walker Chevy and the times slowly improved. However disappointment in qualifying had the team starting the 250 lap main event 24th.

From the start of the race the car handled well and Sean was able to improve his position on the track. “In the beginning the car felt as good as it has all year and I was able to get going. This track is really wide with plenty of room to pass and the high banks make for exciting racing” said the driver.

By the halfway point of the race Sean had gained 12 positions and moved the LE Walker Chevrolet toward the top ten. “Our plan was to run as close to the front as possible, and finish in the top ten and I really thought it was going to happen” said the driver.

However, once again difficulties under the hood prevented a solid finish. The LE Walker Chevrolet began to slow on the race track and was eventually forced to pit lane. “It took us some time to diagnose the problem” because it was an electrical failure” said Mid America Motorsports President Dave Didero. “The damage was done, something got fried and our good finish was gone”.

Mid America Motorsports would like to thank all of their sponsors for their unwavering support during what became a difficult season. “LE Walker Transport is a great company, we brought Mobil One on board this year and we’re going to take a little time to re charge our batteries but then we’ll get going on tearing the cars down and looking forward to next year” said Didero. “We’ll be back strong”.

For more information on Mid America Motorsports and the CASCAR Super series log onto and watch all of the races on Rogers Sportsnet.

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