Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Brockville Ontario Speedway home of Saturday night racing, new point fund for 2006

By Steve Young

BROCKVILLE, ON – When Brockville Ontario Speedway swung open its gates for the first time back in 1969, it did so on a Saturday night. In the continuing effort to return to its racing roots the Speedway will again race on Saturday evenings with a DIRT Motorsports Inc sanctioned program for the 2006 season.

"The reality is that many race fans and teams consider Saturday night, race night," said Brockville Ontario Speedway promoter Paul Kirkland. "We've been busy the last couple of months talking to fans, race teams and sponsors alike and for many of them Saturday night seems to work the best."

Kirkland consulted with all sectors of the motorsports community prior to making the change. The track received the blessing of DIRT Motorsports Inc last week before moving forward with the 2006 plan.

"Some people are going to look at this as new competition for other tracks," added Kirkland. "Actually its the beginning of a new era of cooperation with the tracks in eastern ontario and western Quebec. Now there will be three different tracks on three different nights to enjoy."

To encourage just that a new City A-1 Radiator point fund is being introduced. Long time supporter of grass roots racing Bryan Pittman has pledged substantial dollars for the 358 Modified class in 2006. To qualify for this special bonus point fund from the Brockville based business teams must run the BOS on Saturday night and their choice of Autodrome Edelweiss or Cornwall Motor Speedway. The top five points finishers based on results from Brockville and the companion track will be able to tap into the City A-1 point fund cash for 2006.

"Our DIRT Sportsman class will not be overlooked either,"said Kirkland. "The class has grown by leaps and bounds the last year or so and they are an integral part of program for both today and the future. We are working on some special things for them that we hope to announce in the near future."

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